My name is Dianne Partain and I want to share a little bit about myself and how Dianne's Yum Gum Shop came to be.


First of all, I'm married to an awesome guy, Mike, and we have two adorable fur babies; Yoyo our cat and Peanut our dog.  I love nature; being on a mountain trail in the woods is my happy place!  I've always enjoyed working with my hands and being creative.  I also have a passion for people and ministry.

Previously I worked in the corporate world; I enjoyed the pay, but I never enjoyed the jobs.  Ministry and creativity were never a part of my job description, so I left the corporate world to pursue some of my dreams.

With the support of my husband, and his encouragement to pursue what was in my heart, I started working with a non-profit organization.   The organization helps women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking.  I still work with this organization and find it very rewarding.  You're probably wondering about now..."How on earth does this pertain to oral health care?"  Well, it doesn't directly, but my passion for people and their well being is the common thread that ties this ministry and the ministry of YUM GUM together.

I've always had issues with my teeth and gums!  And honestly, there was nothing that could stress me out more than having problems with my teeth and gums.  If I even felt a little throbbing in a tooth, I would begin to panic!  I didn't like going to the dentist because it always seemed like I either needed a cavity filled, a root canal, or a deep scaling of my gums...UGH!!!  Because of that, I would only see a dentist when I was in a crisis.

One day as my tooth was throbbing and fear gripped my heart, I began to pray.  As I was praying, a thought rose up inside me..."I'm going to make a tooth powder that will help heal my teeth and gums!" BAM!!!  That thought was the seed that has now grown into the business of Yum Gum Tooth Powders.  Up until that time, I had never thought about tooth powders; much less making them.  I felt so passionate about the idea, that honestly, it even surprised me!

I started researching every herb and mineral.  I researched Biblical herbs that were known to have healing properties.  I researched every essential oil that would benefit teeth and gums.  To sum it up...I researched A LOT for months!

As I researched all the natural herbs, minerals and essential oils, passion continued to grow in my heart.  I really wanted to help people with their oral care.  I truly desired for people to have healthy teeth and gums.  I began to formulate the tooth care products.  Once I felt I had the formulas the way they needed to be, I began testing them.  Testing them on myself, my husband, my mom, and all my friends!

I am happy to say that during this journey, I feel that we've developed ALL NATURAL tooth and gum care products that produce GREAT results; even miraculous results!  Not only have my teeth and gums become healthy due to using YUM GUM all natural products, but so have the teeth and gums of my husband, family, friends and all of our YUM GUM customers!

Oh yeah, that throbbing tooth that had me praying at the beginning of this journey...well, it's a healthy tooth!  That's root canal needed, no cavity to be filled...just a happy, healthy tooth!