YUM GUM Between - Peppermint

R Simspson March 5, 2019 Mmm. Love this spray. Keep it on me so whenever I want to freshen my breath, I just squirt a in my mouth.  It really freshens my mouth. Highly recommend.

Plaque Fighter

Diana Simun Feb 25, 2019 love love love this sellers homemade tooth products. Can't believe how much cleaner my teeth and mouth feel compared to regular toothpaste. Sometimes I put both on my toothbrush. Shipping is very quick. Seller very helpful. Highly recommend.


Intense Offense

Diana Simun Feb 25, 2019 Have been using this tooth powder from this seller for about 2 weeks. This powder is amazing. My teeth and mouth have never felt this clean. Highly recommend this product. Ships quickly










Romance Tooth Powder

Brittany W on May 31, 2018 - This tooth powder tastes so good, I love using it!

Wintergreen Tooth Powder (with Xylitol)

Diana S. Feb 22, 2019 Cannot say enough great things about this product and seller. After using this, I don't think I will ever use regular toothpaste again. I will keep ordering this product from Dianne who is an absolute angel. Shipping very quick. Thanks Dianne

Sweet Orange Spice (with Xylitol)

DS Feb 25, 2019 Love love love this product. It really makes my teeth feel smooth and clean. It helps with the sensitivity of my gums and also inflammation. The seller, Dianne, is very informative and helpful. She really cares about you oral health and goes out of her way to provide you information. Dianne puts alot of love and healing into her products. I highly recommend this seller

Sweet Orange Spice Tooth Powder

Sage R on May 3, 2018 -I waited to review so that I could honestly comment on the results of the tooth powder vs my sensitive toothpaste and I must say this product is amazing. Its been 4 weeks and my teeth went from being so sensitive and fragile feeling that I couldn't drink cold water or breathe through my mouth without pain to feeling normal and strong, no stinging sensation at all even with frozen or sugary snacks. The samples are great for travel and let you try other flavors (I'm getting Wintergreen next time!) no awful after taste like other toothpastes and my daughter is actually excited to use the powders and really brushes with them rather than licking toothpaste off like she used to (shes only 2 yrs). The shipping was also super fast! Thank you so much for making my teeth feel so much better!

Romance Tooth Powder

Victoria T on April 25, 2018 - This tooth powder is amazing!  I had a place on my gums that had been bothering me for a while and after using this tooth powder for less than a week my gums healed up!  I have also had plaque coming off my teeth...it's crazy!!!  I have already purchased more because I wanted my husband to start using it too!  Both of us love this tooth powder!  This stuff works miracles!!!

Wintergreen Tooth Powder

Onyx J April 6, 2018 - I love the product!

The Champ and The Plaque Fighter

Morgan P - April 3, 2018 - I bought the champ and plaque fighter because I needed some serious help with my gums and teeth and I couldn't decide between them.  I love them both!  I alternate between the two.  All I know is I had a decaying tooth that hurt all the time and I feel that these tooth powders stopped the decay and may have even reversed it.  I haven't been having any problems with it for about a week after I started using them.  The plaque fighter leaves my teeth feeling super clean!  It may be my favorite.  I've never used a paste or powder that made my teeth feel so clean.   I am a yum gum customer for life!